Owlet Review: Best baby monitor system in 2023

Are you the parent of a newborn baby who needs to be monitored around the clock?

As a parent (first-time or wily veteran), one of our biggest fears is that something will happen to our baby and we won’t be aware of it to help!

Look no further! Owlet is a company that specializes in revolutionary baby monitor devices (socks and cameras) that gives parents unprecedented peace of mind.

Owlet uses state-of-the-art technology to track your baby’s vital signs and alert you if something is wrong. It’s reliable, easy to use, and assures parents that their little one is always happy and healthy.

Get the security and protection your baby needs with Owlet…a company that we used with our youngest child when he was born.


What is Owlet?

Owlet, Inc. operates as a health technology company headquartered in Lehi, Utah. Founded in 2012, the Company offers proactive health monitor products which use pulse oximetry technology to track a baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels during sleep. Owlet serves customers worldwide. It’s primarily known for sleep socks but recently has put out two video baby monitor cameras as well.

Who created Owlet?

In 2012, Kurt Workman was a full-time chemical engineering major at Brigham Young University. Kurt’s aunt had just had twins prematurely, so he and his wife lent a helping hand whenever possible. However, they saw firsthand the constant worry Kurt’s aunt shouldered.

They wanted to start a family of their own soon. Still, Kurt knew that with his wife’s congenital heart defects, they could face similar challenges and plenty of their own sleepless nights. In addition, Kurt’s cousin had previously lost a baby to SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome).

Around the same time, Kurt was exposed to a clinically proven technology used by hospitals, pulse oximetry, through a friend who worked as a nurse at the University of Utah Medical Center. A pulse oximeter is the clip-on device hospitals often put on a patient’s finger, which uses wavelengths of light to measure both heart rate and oxygen levels in the blood.

That was all the inspiration Kurt needed for the genesis of Owlet and its breakthrough product: the Smart Sock, a health monitor for newborns to wear at home, designed to notify parents if heart rate and oxygen levels fall outside preset zones, helping give anxious parents peace of mind.

A coincidental run-in with fellow BYU student and electrical engineering major Zack Bomsta, himself a new dad, helped solidify these budding entrepreneurs’ trajectory. Together with their other co-founders, Kurt and Zack developed their idea, competing in and winning several competitions at BYU, including Student Innovator of the Year.

The Owlet Smart Sock was sold in October 2015 on Owlet’s website. It’s also been shown to reduce anxiety and improve sleep quality in longitudinal observations published in the peer-reviewed Global Pediatric Health journal. The journey from idea to high-volume production took three years of blood, sweat, tears, and, ironically, some sleepless nights. Get a more in-depth look at their story here.

Top Benefits of Owlet for parents?

  1. Feel secure – See what’s happening in the nursery anytime, whether at home or away.
  2. Monitor sleep – Track your baby’s sleeping habits to better understand their sleep.
  3. Connect anytime – Receive notifications when something doesn’t seem right.
  4. Record memories – Capture those special moments to stay connected and cherish the memories.

Best Features of Owlet?

  1. Real-time Alerts – Owlet alerts you when something seems wrong.
  2. Easy to Set Up & Use – Owlet is designed with modern convenience in mind.
  3. Monitor Oxygen Levels & Heart Rate – Owlet is the only baby monitor tracking oxygen levels and heart rate.
  4. Sleep Tracking – Track your little one’s sleep patterns to better understand their sleep.
  5. Portable & Wireless – Monitor from anywhere and instantly receive notifications on your smartphone.
  6. Trusted by Parents – Owlet has been trusted by thousands of parents for the last 8 years.

Owlet Product Pricing

Owlet offers three main products: Cameras (video baby monitor), a sleep sock, and a swaddle blanket.

Owlet Cameras

Owlet Cam 2 – $160

  • Stream secure 1080p HD video & audio from anywhere. Tune into a secure WiFi stream of Baby’s activity anywhere.
  • See Baby clearly with 4x zoom, wide-angle view & night vision. See what’s happening in Baby’s room, day or night, to better understand their behavior and stay informed of their needs.
  • View temperature & humidity readings so you know if Baby’s room is comfortable. Help ensure Baby’s nursery is super cozy with live room temperature & humidity readings. Know you’ve dressed Baby appropriately for sleep no matter the season.
  • Watch video clips with sound, motion & cry notifications. Learn Baby’s subtle cues & behavior patterns by watching video clips that capture their behavior before they cry, wiggle, or fuss.
  • Use Predictive Sleep with the Dream App. Manually log your baby’s sleep events in the Owlet Dream App and know exactly when your child is ready for their next sleep with our new Predictive Sleep Technology. (Pair Cam 2 with the Owlet Dream Sock for automated sleep tracking!)

Owlet Socks

Owlet Dream Sock – $300

  • Track Baby’s Sleep Trends Using Award-Winning Technology – Wear for every nap and bedtime to track your baby’s sleep indicators, including the number of wakings, heart rate, oxygen level, sleep quality, and total hours slept.
  • Personalized Sleep Program – From 4-12 months old, access Owlet’s award-winning sleep program and receive an adaptable sleep schedule tailored to your baby’s needs. See better sleep in as few as 7 days.
  • Weekly Expert Parenting Tips – From 0 to 18 weeks old, receive weekly tips to learn about sleep, feeding, postpartum adjustment, self-care, and more!
  • Use Sleep Data & Expert Tips for Better Sleep – View your baby’s sleep data and helpful tips from Owlet sleep experts to support your baby as they learn to embrace sleep and develop life-long healthy sleep habits.
  • See Sleep Quality Indicators – See the number of wakings, your baby’s heart rate, average oxygen level, and sleep movement. Adjust to support restful sleep for your baby during every nap and bedtime.
  • View Sleep Readings in Owlet Dream App – Review your baby’s sleep readings from anywhere in the Owlet Dream App.

Owlet Dream Sleepers

Dream Sleeper – $45

  • Wearable Blanket and Swaddle – The Owlet Dream Sleeper with Swaddle is a sleep sack and swaddle combination that transitions with your baby as they grow. The removable swaddle detaches easily to become a nighttime sleeping bag for your infant. The quilted swaddle firmly and comfortably wraps around your baby to keep them snug, calm and sleeping comfortably during the night.
  • Multi-Positional Swaddle – The versatility allows you to adjust your swaddling strategy and position as your baby grows and adjusts your sleep preferences. You can swaddle with both arms down, one arm out, and two arms out as your infant becomes more mobile.
  • Transitions to Dream Sleeper – Once your little one reaches an appropriate age, simply remove the swaddle, and you have a wearable blanket sleep sack that you can continue using. The wearable blanket is safer than loose bedding and will still provide your baby with cozy comfort throughout the night.
  • Soft Fabric for Baby – The Dream Sleeper is made of rayon from bamboo for a warm, soft, and cozy feel that’s also breathable for baby skin. Your baby will stay snug and not work their way out like with cotton or muslin swaddles.
  • Meets Safe Sleep Recommendation – The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends the use of a wearable blanket over loose blankets in the crib.

Owlet Pros

  • Very easy to use
  • It gives a sense of security.
  • The app is easy to navigate.
  • It tracks more than just heart rate and oxygen saturation. Did you know it can also monitor the baby’s sleep? The app can tell you how much the baby was up at night and how often they were in deep or light sleep.
  • It’s easy to clean.

Owlet Cons

  • Cost – Duo (sock & camera) $400
  • The sock has to be close to the base station to work properly.
  • The battery life is not very long.
  • False alarms can occur.

Owlet Alternatives:

We recently reviewed a group of baby monitors to come up with our Best Baby Monitor list. This list includes:

  1. Eufy SpaceView Pro – $170
  2. Infant Optics DXR-8 PRO – $200
  3. VTech VM818HD – $80
  4. Nanit Pro Smart – $330
  5. Miku Pro – $399

Owlet Personal Experience:

We absolutely loved our Owlet Smart Sock when we used it with our third child. Both my wife and I feel it helped us by:

  • giving us restful sleep and peace of mind,
  • allowing us to monitor sleep trends,
  • giving us confidence that my baby is OK while traveling

It was worth every penny. Both my wife and I rested better, knowing my baby is monitored while we were sleeping. It is a great product, and I genuinely love it!

If you’re on the fence, I recommend just going for it. It has really been a help for me and many others I know. 

Conclusion: Should I buy an Owlet product?

Friends, you should purchase an Owlet baby monitor because it is invaluable for keeping your baby safe and helping them sleep better. It offers parents peace of mind with real-time alerts, helps them stay connected, and provides sleep-tracking data and crystal-clear audio. With the Owlet baby monitor, parents can monitor their baby’s oxygen levels and heart rate, track their sleep patterns, and even capture special moments to cherish. The Owlet baby monitor is the perfect way to keep a close eye on your precious little ones and ensure they stay healthy and safe.

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