5 Best marriage tips for young couples

Giving marriage tips to young couples is an invaluable gift! As young couples embark on their journey of marriage, they have the unique opportunity to shape their marriage and set it up for success. Marriage is challenging and takes ongoing effort to nurture and grow. However, grounding yourself further in Christian principles can help to embrace and share a godly relationship with one another. Marriage is a sacred institution, and Christian couples should look to scripture for guidance on the best way to nurture their relationship with God’s wisdom and grace.

Here are 5 tips for young couples to consider as they prepare for and grow into married life:

1. Pray together. Prayer is a powerful tool to release perceived burdens, seek God’s guidance, or open your hearts to one another. Think about praying together at least a few times a week for your relationship as a couple and your individual struggles and joys. Start by reading scripture together and allow that to set the tone for your prayer time.

2. Develop your physical and spiritual connection. Developing a physical and spiritual connection is vital to a thriving marriage. This can look like taking time in the morning to intentionally connect with one another with a hug or touch and using those moments to open up prayer. Additionally, it’s important to stoke fires in the bedroom (physical intimacy). The Bible encourages marriage partners to remain faithful to one another and share fulfilling physical connections.

3. Speak with respect. Couples can often get in the habit of speaking to each other disrespectfully, either in a joke or an aggravating manner. View your partner with honor and respect, as God created us all with invaluable worth. Speak kindly to one another and treat each other with a level of adoration and respect you’d want to be shown to yourself or God.

4. Make your marriage a priority. Show each other you’re invested in your relationship. Intentionally making time for one another and your marriage is necessary to create a healthy and successful relationship. This can look like going on regular dates, traveling together, or dedicating time each day to just check in with one another.

5. Pursue growth independently and together. As individuals, it is important to continue to spend time growing in your faith and pursuing personal goals. Encouraging one another to grow and reach their individual dreams is also essential to a strong marriage. At the same time, it is important to remember to look for ways to bond as a couple and pursue activities together.

As the two of you seek growth and connection, it’s best to remember to keep the Lord at the center of your journey together. Young couples need to look to scripture for guidance on nurturing and growing their relationship with God’s wisdom and grace. By following the principles and tips above, couples embarking on their journey in marriage can create a solid and healthy marriage that honors God and promotes abundant joy.

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