Guardian Bikes Review: Best American-made, kid-friendly Bike (2023)

Parents, do you want to ensure your child has the safest and most fun biking experience possible? We’ve got the perfect bike company for you, Guardian Bikes, made in the U.S.A.!

Their bikes create a safer ride than most, with its state-of-the-art “Sure Stop” braking system design that prevents the bike from flipping head-over-heals when coming to a stop.

We know kids outgrow their bikes in a few short years, so Guardian Bikes offers six different sizes to accommodate any size child. Their bikes have the latest safety technology, such as simple gear shifts (on the larger models), an Award-winning Sure Stop braking system, and an adjustable seat to give your child the most secure ride.

Lastly, their bikes are backed by a commitment to safe cycling and have fun features that make them a blast to ride with their vibrant colors, cheerful patterns, and eye-catching sparkles! Let them help make your child’s biking experience safe and exciting with Guardian Bikes!

What is Guardian Bikes?

Their story is well-documented after being on Shark Tank in 2017. Guardian Bikes is a company that produces bicycles explicitly designed for children. The bikes are custom-built to ensure a safe and comfortable ride while providing fun features, such as vibrant colors and its award-winning Sure Stop braking system. In addition, the bikes are adjustable, so they can accommodate children of any size. Guardian Bikes are also backed by a commitment to safe cycling and a 1-year 100% refund if you’re not pleased with your product, giving parents peace of mind knowing their children are safe and having fun.

Who Created Guardian Bikes?

Here’s the back story of how Brian Riley and Kyle Jansen started Guardian Bikes. “Our journey started when Brian’s grandfather was in a serious head-over-handlebar accident after grabbing his front brake too hard. The accident sent him to the hospital with several broken vertebrae in his neck.

We were inspired to develop something new for bikes that would eliminate this accident from ever happening again. In 2013, we introduced SureStop technology to the market on adult bikes by partnering with existing brands to make SureStop standard equipment on their bikes.

After a few years of getting SureStop on adult bikes, we noticed the industry was overlooking kids’ bikes and kids’ bike’s safety. Over 300,000 kids go to the emergency room every year from bike accidents, which is more ER visits than any other childhood activity! We wanted to start a bike brand that would educate the industry on what a safer kids’ bike looked like. That’s how Guardian Bikes was born.

Today, our mission is to prevent accidents, both for the customers of the Guardian Brand and through our partners who offer our SureStop braking system as standard equipment on their bikes.

We are setting an example with Guardian for how the bike industry can make kids’ bikes safer.”

Best Features of Guardian Bikes:

  1. Award-winning Sure Stop braking system: Prevents head-over-handlebar accidents and gives the rider a much quicker, safer stopping experience. Also allows for one-handed braking, giving even the youngest riders confidence in their ability to stop. Watch a video about the Sure Stop braking system here.
  2. High-Quality Components: Guardian bikes are precision engineered from high-quality, lightweight materials, including aluminum frames and custom-designed components. Made in the USA at the new Guardian factory in Indiana.
  3. Adjustable: Guardian bikes are designed to grow with your child, featuring adjustable seats, handlebars, and grips, with a unique tool-free adjustment system.
  4. Secure Fit System: The patented SureFit System locks the bike’s frame and various components together, creating a secure and stable ride.
  5. Easy to Assemble: All Guardian bikes arrive 90% assembled, so getting your bike up and running is fast and easy.
  6. Intelligent Design: Guardian bikes features a kickstand, anti-jam shifters, and lightweight tires designed to perform smoothly and safely on various surfaces.
  7. Guaranteed: Guardian Bikes proudly offers a limited lifetime frame and fork warranty on all its bikes.

Guardian Bikes Pricing

Guardian Bikes offers six different bike models:

guardian bikes

Balance Bike – $149

Designed to be a confidence-inspiring first bike to learn the fundamentals of riding: balancing, steering, and braking. Featuring our single-lever award-winning SureStop Brake System, an ultra-lightweight aluminum frame, and premium components, the 12” Guardian Balance Bike will prepare toddlers and kids alike for a lifetime of fun and adventure on two wheels.

Weight: 8.5lbs

Includes: Tool-free adjustable seat height and tool kit

16-inch Bike – $249

The 16″ Guardian ETHOS has a lightweight steel frame, making it easy to control and balance. Featuring our single-lever SureStop Brake System and kid-specific geometry the Guardian ETHOS is a safer and easier bike for your kid to learn to ride. The bike is designed for on and off road use.

Weight: 17.5 lbs

Includes: Premium kickstand, reflector lights (4), wrench, and tool kit

In the larger frames, each bike comes in either the ETHOS or AIROS model.

20-inch Small Bike – $369

The 20″ Small Guardian ETHOS has a lightweight steel frame, making it easy to control and balance. With a smaller frame compared to the 20″ Large it is able to fit a smaller child for a longer period of time. The bike is designed for on and off-road use. Featuring our single-lever SureStop Brake System and kid-specific geometry, the Guardian ETHOS is ready for any adventure!

Weight: 20.7lbs

Includes: Premium kickstand, reflector lights (4), wrench, and tool kit

24-inch Large Bike – $429

The 24″ Guardian ETHOS has a lightweight steel frame, making it easy to control and balance. The bike is designed for on and off-road use. Featuring our single-lever SureStop Brake System and a 7-speed easy-to-twist gear shifter, the Guardian ETHOS is ready for any adventure!

Weight: 25.5lbs

Includes: Premium kickstand, reflector lights (4), wrench, and tool kit

26-inch Bike – $399

The 26″ Guardian Bike is the perfect ride for tweens exploring and pushing the limits on their newfound independence. Made for kids ages 10-15, its ultra-lightweight frame makes it easy to navigate through multiple terrains and push further on longer bike rides. Featuring our proprietary SureStop Brake System and a 7-speed twist gear shifter, the 26″ bike is made to help keep your tweens safe and enjoy all the new adventures ahead.

Weight: 24.75 lbs

Includes: Premium kickstand, reflector lights (4), wrench, and tool kit

Guardian Bikes are costly, but you get serious high-quality made right here in America. They start at $149 (for the Balance Bike) and then can go up to $479. However, you can go with the premium ultra-lightweight aluminum Airos or the steel-framed Ethos at each size. The Airos comes in at $100 more than the Eros in each size and tends to run about two pounds lighter.

Overall, these bikes are pretty lightweight, to begin with, so from what we can see, there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot lost by going with the budget option—particularly if your child will mainly use the bike to pedal around the block or to a nearby friend’s house. On the other hand, if you’re a family of more serious bikers that go for daylong rides, the Airos is an excellent option.

Guardian Bikes Pros

  • Patented SureStop braking system for faster and more controlled braking
  • Low center-of-gravity design for better balance and maneuverability
  • Great quality build for the price
  • Fun, kid-approved designs
  • All parts are made and assembled in the United States.
  • Super easy to assemble! 5 minutes or less.

Guardian Bikes Cons

  • NONE. Seriously, we only found one negative review that mentioned the paint peeled off easily. We did not find that to be true with our bikes.

Guardian Bikes Alternatives

Loco Boys 20″ Bicycle – $199

Miami, FL, bike shop started in 2010.

Regal Stealth – $412

Toronto, Canada, bike store started in 2009.

WOOM 4 – $499

Vienna, Austria, bike company started in 2013.

Guardian Bikes Personal Experience

Our family has purchased two Guardian bikes – the first was a 24″ Original (now AIROS) for our then 9-yr old daughter. The second bike we purchased was the 24″ ETHOS for our then 9-yr old second daughter. Both have absolutely held up incredibly strong and our girls have loved them! They are sturdy, and apart from an occasional airing up the tires, the bikes have performed flawlessly over the past 2+ years!

We also purchased a Balance Bike for our youngest son when he was 4, and he loved zooming around on it as he learned to balance. All three products are high quality and we would definitely buy from Guardian Bikes again!

Conclusion: Should You Buy a Guardian Bike?

Absolutely! We have no regrets at all, and have enjoyed the three bikes we purchased from them tremendously! They are an American company that developed an award-winning braking system. to help keep your kids safe! That’s definitely a company I can support!

To purchase a Guardian Bike on Amazon, click on the button below!

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