Gabb Wireless Review: Helpful Guide for parents (March 2023)

Hello fellow parents! Are you looking for a safe, dependable, and age-appropriate cellphone for your pre-teen or kid? Look no further than Gabb Wireless: the premier brand in kid’s phones.

Gabb offers age-appropriate phones to foster independence in your kid or pre-teen while still providing the reassurance of parental control and guidance. Packed with powerful features like chats monitored by You– the parent– and their GPS-tracking technology: you will always be in the loop regarding where your child is and what they are up to.

Safety is definitely a central focus of Gabb Wireless – “Because Gabb Phones have an innovative spam filter for texting, no internet browser, no social media apps, no app store, and no games, kids are protected from falling prey to sexual predators, stumbling on explicit content, being victims of cyberbullying, or becoming screen-addicted.”

It’s always been challenging to give your pre-teen or kid the perfect device. With Gabb Wireless, you can promote independence, teach responsibility, and still know the whereabouts of your little one. And with their 24/7 technical support, you have your own personal parenting assistant.

So why Gabb Wireless? Let’s sum it up: Safety + Fun Features + Convenience = The Perfect Phone for Pre-Teens and Kids.

As a parent with two pre-teens in my home, we are constantly struggling with trusting our kids with more independence, yet protecting them from things most of the time they aren’t even aware of yet!  The growing peer pressure to have a cell phone at an earlier age is mounting with more and more parents allowing their children to have access to smart devices and social media at younger and younger ages, despite the overwhelming evidence to delay this access.

For our family, we researched online and spoke with other families. After several months, we kept coming across the same company…. GABB WIRELESS.  After digging into their company and their very affordable plans, we chose them to be the company we use for our daughter’s first cell phone.

What is Gabb Wireless?

Gabb Wireless is a wireless network company that provides safe, kid-friendly mobile phones and watches for families who aren’t quite ready to give their child a full-fledged “smartphone” (iPhone 14, Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, Google Pixel 7 Pro, etc…). 

Who Created Gabb Wireless?

The company was founded in 2019 by Stephen Dalby.  As the father of 8 children, he was keenly aware of the need to provide a safe alternative to the “smartphones” being made by huge corporations like Apple, Google, and Samsung.  He founded GABB, “committed to ensuring families have safe phone choices in this digital age and will continue to promote kids to live life outside the screen!”

gabb wireless

Top benefits of Gabb Wireless

1. Easy to use: GABB wireless phones are user-friendly and can be easily installed and customized by parents.

2. Reliable: Customers have reported being extremely satisfied with GABB’s reliable service and excellent customer support.

3. Lots of features: GABB phones offer many useful and exciting features, including GPS tracking, built-in apps (camera, calculator, music, calendar, etc…), and parental controls.

Best Features of Gabb Wireless

What sets Gabb Wireless phones and watches apart from their competitors?

1) Protection of kids through safety features

Gabb phones pride themselves on the fact that they offer No Access to the internet, social media, or games. As a parent, I don’t have to worry about what my child is searching for online, or what app or game they’ve downloaded.  

2) Reliable network that allows kids to connect 

Gabb Wireless uses Verizon’s cell network to provide nationwide coverage (except in Alaska).  They provide unlimited text and talk in their monthly plans. And the GPS-tracker system is reliable for parents.

3) Encourage kids to “Live Beyond the Screen”

Because Gabb phones don’t have the ability to download apps and games, there really isn’t a reason for your child to be on his/her phone all the time.  Unless they are listening to music, or actually texting or talking to a friend, there’s no “pull” from the phone for your child to be on their screen all the time.  This is great for parents wanting their child to have the freedom and desire to go explore and be creative away from screens.

Gabb Wireless Pricing

Gabb Phone plus


+ $29.99/month 2-year contract

  • – Premium Samsung quality
  • – No internet, no social media
  • – Active GPS tracking
  • – Unlimited talk + text
  • – Safe parent-enabled third-party apps
  • – Gabb Music kid-safe streaming
  • – Gabb Cloud digital backup
  • – Gabb Guard spam blocker

Gabb Phone


+ $29.99/month 2-year contract

  • – No internet, no social media
  • – Active GPS tracking
  • – Unlimited talk + text
  • – Gabb Music kid-safe streaming
  • – Gabb Cloud digital backup
  • – Gabb Guard spam blocker
  • – Image and Group Texting(with MMS Subscription)

Gabb Watch 2


+ $14.99/month 2-year contract

  • – Active GPS tracking
  • – No internet, Social Media
  • – Unlimited talk + voice/preset text
  • – Step counter

Gabb Wireless Pros and cons

Gabb Wireless Pros

  • No internet access
  • No 3rd-party apps
  • MicroSD card compatible
  • Unlimited text and talk
  • 8 megapixel & 5 megapixel cameras
  • Radio app

Gabb Wireless Cons

  • No text monitoring
  • No screen time management
  • Incompatible with other parental controls

Gabb Wireless Alternatives

1) Bark Phone

$49/month – includes phone, Bark Premium (parental controls), and wireless service.

2) VTech KidiBuzz 3 (For Younger Kids)

$79 for phone + $6/month for Leap Frog Academy subscription.

3) Pinwheel Plus 2

$490 for phone (includes 1-year Caregiver Portal subscription).

4) Teracube Thrive

$140 for phone + $15/month for wireless service.

You can read more about the above phones here.

Gabb Wireless Personal Experience

As I mentioned earlier, this past Christmas we purchased our 6th grade daughter her first phone. After months of research and dozens of conversations with families in our community, we confidently decided to use Gabb Wireless and their Gabb Phone Plus. We have been incredibly pleased with our decision, and our daughter absolutely loves her phone. We also subscribed to the Gabb Music for $5/month. This gives her access to clean music of all different varieties. She cannot create playlists (like on Spotify or Apple music), but rather can pick stations that have the genre of music she enjoys.

Our daughter opening her Gabb phone on Christmas morning

We’ve decided to create a “phone contract” with our daughter to establish some boundaries and allow her to grow in her independence. She loves the responsibility and so far, has done excellent with this big responsibility.

As parents, we have found all of the Gabb phone features to live up to the hype! We are pleasantly surprised with how it performs and how secure it is. Really our only complaint, is the daily “spam” callers who we constantly have to block (which is easy to do). We’ve had no issues at all with the phone or the wireless service. We give it an A++.

Conclusion: Should you get a Gabb Wireless phone?

Without a doubt, YES, you should! Our daughter loves it…. we love it. We feel like we get everything we were looking for in our daughter’s first phone, and the monthly service subscription costs $30/month + $5/month for Gabb Music. So, for $35/month we have the safe, reliable phone we trust.

What are you waiting on? Make the investment now!

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