6 best baby monitors for parents (2023)

Attention all parents… Have you ever stood next to your baby’s room, wondering what mischief they’re getting up to? With one of these best baby monitors, you’ll never have to worry again! These top-of-the-line audio and video monitors give you unprecedented surveillance over your little one.

You’ll feel confident and secure, knowing they’re safe in their own room. Get a baby monitor today to take your parenting skills to the next level! Don’t miss out – trust us, your anxiousness over your little one’s safety will thank you later.

What are the Best baby monitors?

1) Eufy SpaceView Pro – $170

best baby monitors

The Eufy SpaceView Pro is a highly adjustable camera, has easy-to-use controls, great video and audio quality, good range, all-night battery life, and a reasonable price, making it the best local-video baby monitor you can buy. It is a local video system, so no WiFi is needed.


  • Don’t Miss a Thing: See every detail when you are needed and capture those magic moments with sharp 720p clarity.
  • Big-Screen Viewing: The large 5″ monitor allows you to see your baby’s environment clearly, giving you complete peace of mind.
  • Be There Throughout the Day: The battery allows for 30 hours of monitoring in regular usage scenarios (default mode). For more frequent checkups and continuous monitoring, the battery will last for 12 hours.
  • Nighttime Checkups Made Easy: Crisp night vision gives you a clear view of your little one as they snooze.
  • Whole-Room Coverage: See every inch of your baby’s room as the camera pans 330° to see corner-to-corner and tilts 110° to see floor-to-ceiling.


There are several baby monitor options to choose from Eufy Baby…

Wrap Up

Whether you are a new or experienced parent, you’ll want the best baby monitor for your peace of mind! These Eufy baby monitors are reliable and steadfast, with simple installation and maintenance, clear visuals and sound, and batteries that last through the night. The Eufy SpaceView Pro outperforms the other local-video monitors, giving you the security and assurance you need when raising a family.

2) Infant Optics DXR-8 PRO – $200

The DXR-8 Pro offers excellent picture quality and range and a battery that you can replace if the one that came with your monitor starts to wear out. But its nightly battery life isn’t quite as good as the Eufy SpaceView’s, and its camera isn’t as flexible. The DXR-8 Pro uses a local video system, so no WiFi is needed.


  • Patent-Pending Active Noise Reduction Feature: filters out background noises so you can hear your baby more clearly. Removes unwanted sound from fans, air purifiers, humidifiers, air conditioners, static, and more.
  • Ultra Clear Video Quality: High definition 720P video resolution playback.
  • Large 5″ Screen: see more in better detail up close. Improved LCD screen offers more brightness, better viewing angles, and sharper colors
  • Full Viewing Control: pan/tilt/zoom, interchangeable lenses. Zoom lens included, wide angle lens sold separately. Zoom up to 6x with optical and digital zoom used together
  • Double the Audio Power: 1000mW speaker for louder volume and crisper sound playback


There is one other Infant Optics baby monitor to choose from:

DXR-8 – $166 (smaller monitor; battery-life is shorter; audio power is less)

Wrap up

Founded in 2011, Infant Optics is a leader in developing and manufacturing high-quality baby monitors. Child safety is their number one priority. They constantly innovate and find ways to improve their products based on customers’ feedback and comments. Their two baby monitors have won numerous awards for their performance, technology, and innovative features. They have over 35,000 five-star reviews on Amazon. Trusted by over one million parents, Infant Optics is the reliable choice to keep your baby safe and give you the peace of mind you deserve.

3) Owlet Cam 2 – $160

When our youngest was a baby, we used the Owlet Sock to help monitor the pulse and oxygen level. At the time, Owlet did not have a camera….but now they do, and it’s incredible!

The all-new Owlet Cam 2 lets you feel like you’re there, from anywhere. Check on your baby with HD video & night vision streamed right to your phone, with a wide-angle view & 4x zoom.

Gain additional visibility around why your baby may be upset: the Owlet Cam 2 features video clips when sound, motion, or crying notifications are detected in his/her room.

It’s easy to see – from personal experience with Owlet, as well as seeing all the additional products they’ve added over the past few years – that this company is doing an excellent job of helping parents take great care of their babies.


  • Stream secure 1080p HD video & audio from anywhere. Tune into a secure WiFi stream of Baby’s activity anywhere.
  • See Baby clearly with 4x zoom, wide-angle view & night vision. See what’s happening in Baby’s room, day or night, to better understand their behavior and stay informed of their needs.
  • View temperature & humidity readings so you know if Baby’s room is comfortable. Help ensure Baby’s nursery is super cozy with live room temperature & humidity readings. Know you’ve dressed Baby appropriately for sleep no matter the season.
  • Watch video clips with sound, motion & cry notifications. Learn Baby’s subtle cues & behavior patterns by watching video clips that capture their behavior before they cry, wiggle, or fuss.
  • Use Predictive Sleep with the Dream App. Manually log your baby’s sleep events in the Owlet Dream App and know exactly when your child is ready for their next sleep with our new Predictive Sleep Technology. (Pair Cam 2 with the Owlet Dream Sock for automated sleep tracking!)


The original Owlet Cam goes for around $120, and is lacking in several of the “updates” found in the Cam 2.

Owlet also sells Dream Socks for $300, which monitor your baby’s pulse and oxygen level while they sleep.

They offer a combination purchase of buying both the Dream Socks and the Cam 2 in what they call their Owlet Dream Duo 2 for $400.

Owlet also offers others products such as a travel case and several versions of what they call a “Dream Sleeper” which is a swaddle blanket and wrap for your infant.

Wrap Up:

The attraction of the Owlet is that it does it all in one; it has video, audio, and movement in one package with an app that relays information like oxygen levels. However, it has been recently recalled for use as a movement monitor.

Unfortunately, the camera seems disappointing from numerous reviews and research. Given that movement monitors have the shortest lifespan of any monitor, we don’t like the idea of shelling out a lot of money for something with such a short lifespan. The sound clarity could be better, too. Hence, you end up with a monitor that doesn’t do anything well except the movement-related components you won’t use after nine months.

For a company known for its sock, I’d either get the Duo 2 or avoid purchasing only the camera. Hopefully, they’ll improve the camera and come back with a better product.

4) VTech VM818HD – $80

You can find local-video baby monitors that cost less than $100, but only a few good ones. Although the VTech VM818HD cuts some corners, it still offers a 5-inch screen, good battery life (around 6 hours unplugged with the screen on), and a reliable signal for half the price of the Eufy SpaceView. The camera even has a handy built-in night light—with seven color options—that automatically adjusts its brightness sensor.

However, though the VM818HD’s video quality is good for the price, its camera doesn’t pan or tilt like that of the SpaceView Pro or the Infant Optics DXR-8 Pro. And the VM818HD produces a considerably smaller field of view than our other picks—you can’t see as much of your baby’s room, and you’re more limited in where to place the device. The monitor is also clunkier and cheaper-feeling than our other local-video picks.


  • See the Tiniest Details in the 720p HD Display: Clearly see your baby’s every little move on the 5″ large display in 720p High Definition. Enjoy sharp, True-Color video during daylight, and ultra-bright, no-glare night vision during baby’s nap hours. With the built-in 110-degree wide-angle lens, you can check in on your little one as well as the entire nursery effortlessly.
  • Privacy Guaranteed: No Wi-Fi or App Pairing. Trusted by US families for more than 3 decades, each VTech monitor is transmitted via a secured internal 2.4GHz channel with FHSS technology, so you can rest assured that you’re the only one who can hear and see your baby.
  • Night Light and Lullabies: Soothe your baby’s comfort levels by softly illuminating dark spaces with the baby unit night light and choose between five peaceful melodies and four calming ambient sounds to play from the baby monitor, all controlled by the parent unit.
  • 2-Way Talk and Long Range: Effortlessly calm cries from separate rooms with the two-way talk-back intercom. Sweetly observe from any distance, even from your backyard, with up to 1,000 feet of crystal clear reception.
  • Keeping in the Know: – Visual and audio indicators on the parent unit immediately alert you to any sounds detected near the baby unit. Preserve the battery by powering down the parent unit display screen while still observing the automatic notification sensor.
  • Temperature Sensor: Perfect your baby’s ideal ambient environment with the temperature indicator programmed into the parent unit. Receive alerts when you deem it time to adjust as needed for your little one’s needs.


VTech offers several other video baby monitors, ranging in price from $50 to $130.

VTech also offers three WiFi video baby monitors, ranging in price from $40 to $150.

Wrap Up

For the cheaper price, there is a lot to like about this baby monitor. The quality is good, and the screen is nice and large. In addition, it has a variety of features. However, some things could be more straightforward.

If you want the screen to remain ON all the time, then you need to turn off the “Auto Wake-Up” setting AND turn off the “Dim screen” setting. The screen dimming causes the infrared night vision to turn off (you can’t see the baby even though the screen is on), and the auto-wake feature turns the screen & infrared off after 50 seconds. So, it’s not the clearest thing.

My biggest complaint, and this is a fairly substantial one, is that the sensitivity for sounds and the volume are both too low! It’s one of the basic things it needs to do. By comparison, we own the VTech audio baby monitor (like walkie-talkies), and they have incredible sensitivity to sounds and volume control from very quiet to very loud. This video unit doesn’t pick up nearly as much sound.

If you’re on a budget and looking for a reliable video monitor without all the bells & whistles, I’d definitely give this VTech system a look.

5) Nanit Pro Smart – $330

Nanit Pro comes with a wall mount or ground stand option along with breathing band (with above combination).

The Nanit Pro Smart baby monitor is a WiFi–dependent monitor that connects to a well-designed app. Being a WiFi system allows you to check in on your baby while away from home. Nanit Pro also stores video, tracks your baby’s sleep, and—crucially—keeps playing the camera’s audio feed while you’re using other features on your phone.


  • CUTTING-EDGE CAMERA WITH COMPUTER VISION TECHNOLOGY: 1080p HD video allows you to see the baby from anywhere using the app. Nanit is the ONLY smart monitor with a Split Screen feature that allows users to view two cameras on one screen. The wall mount is ASTM-certified for a safe cord cover and offers easy installation with a built-in level.
  • MONITOR AND IMPROVE CHILD’S SLEEP: Nanit tracks your baby’s sleep patterns, and analyzes them to send expert tips to improve sleep quality. Each Pro Camera comes with one year FREE of Insights, a personalized analytics plan.
  • SENSOR-FREE BREATHING MONITORING: The custom-designed pattern on our Breathing Wear works with the Pro Camera to detect a baby’s breathing motion in almost any sleep position–without sensors! Nanit tracks breaths per minute and sends real-time sound and motion alerts through the app to your smartphone.
  • CONNECT YOUR PARENTING TEAM: Safely and securely add multiple users, control who sees what, and share your baby’s moments. Nanit smart monitor is a baby registry must-have!
  • AUTOMATIC MILESTONE MEMORIES: Pro Camera auto-captures moments to be saved and shared with loved ones. See baby’s changes and growth over time with “Watch Them Grow” timelapse videos.


Nanit only has one camera – the PRO, that we reviewed above. The variety in pricing comes with what kind of accessories and camera stands you choose. There are three options for camera stands: Wall Mount ($240), Floor Stand ($287), and Flex Stand ($200).

Nanit offers four kinds of “breathing wear” for parents to choose from, ranging in price from $20 – $40.

Nanit also offers “Smart Sheets” as an accessory to monitor your baby’s sleep as well as growth and other measurables. These are listed on Amazon for $35/sheet.

Wrap Up

One impressed mom had this to say about Nanit Pro baby monitor, “The Nanit has been my saving Grace with having a newborn. I love that it tells me the temperature in the room, so I know if my baby is too hot or cold, and the humidity, so I know if I should turn on the humidifier. As a new mom, I often forget what time I put him down, and another one of my favorite features that other cameras don’t have is that it tells me how long my baby has been asleep, when his bed was last attended to, and when he woke up. One less thing for me to write down! Also, the fact that I can bring the Nanit with me so easily for travel has saved me tons on buying a travel camera.”

My overall opinion is that even with the premium price, you get a whole lot of bang for your buck with Nanit Pro! The breathing wear, the smart sheets, and flexible camera stands, to go along with the Nanit “Insights” app, make this system top-of-the-line! Parents who want to make sure they’re getting the best can’t go wrong with this awesome baby monitor.

6) Miku Pro – $399

The Miku Pro Smart Baby Monitor is a top-of-the-line WiFi video baby monitor that handles many of our concerns with other monitors regarding security and privacy.

There is tons to love with this Miku monitor, including the fact that you can watch your baby’s breathing patterns without placing additional gadgets on their body.

Additionally, the Miku monitor is the only WiFi baby monitor that can process data locally…meaning your baby’s information won’t be streamed over the Internet to a server before returning to your phone. This significantly improves both privacy and speed.


  • MONITOR BREATHING & SLEEP: Your Miku Pro video baby monitor shows you your baby’s RPMs (respirations per minute) in real-time, connecting you with your baby and offering peace of mind. No more peeking in or zooming in on the video – all you need to do is open up your Miku app on your smartphone to see their breathing rate, in real-time, right on the screen.
  • COMPLETELY CONTACT FREE: The Miku Pro tracks breathing and sleep patterns without wires, wearables, batteries, or unique clothing touching them for ultimate flexibility. All tracking is done straight through the monitor.
  • REAL-TIME PEACE OF MIND: The Miku Pro captures and analyzes breathing and sleep using proprietary SensorFusion technology. Our advanced technology consists of multiple sensors that deliver unparalleled accuracy compared to monitors that use a single sensor. The live breathing waveform shows your baby’s respiration on your smartphone. At the same time, a local processor immediately analyzes data and delivers real-time awake/asleep, movement, and sound alerts.
  • CRYSTAL CLEAR 1080P HD VIDEO & NIGHT VISION: Digital zoom and enhanced audio with custom dual Ole Wolff speakers provide the ultimate connection with your child, whether you are playing music or lullabies or using the two-way talk feature. Temperature, humidity, sound, and light sensors also monitor nursery conditions.
  • SAFE AND SECURE: With an embedded, tamper-resistant Crypto Chip paired with advanced encryption and two-step authentication means you are in total control of your data. Are you on a work trip and want to peek in at your baby while you travel? On your first date night since having your child, do you want to ensure they sleep peacefully in their crib? You can safely and securely do that with the Miku Pro Smart Baby Monitor and smartphone app!


With only one monitor to choose from, the Miku Pro camera is the most expensive and considered “top-of-the-line.” It does have a floor stand you can purchase separately for $99, if you’d prefer the freedom to move your camera around, as opposed to having it permanently mounted on a wall.

Wrap Up:

One dad had this to say about Miku Pro baby monitor system, “This monitor is great, the breathing tracking is super helpful because there’s nothing extra for the baby to wear for it to work. The main issue with the monitoring is the app you use to watch your baby. It would be a 5-star product if you could minimize the video so it was still on your screen while using your phone to do other things. Sure, it runs in the background for noise but you can’t see the video unless you leave the app up. We ended up purchasing a separate tablet so we could use our phones and see our baby. If Miku offered an external monitor, this would be a perfect system.”

The Miku Pro baby monitor is more pricey than other monitors. Still, considering the technology involved in it, the price seems more affordable. Plus, there aren’t any extra membership or subscription fees to use core services. Instead, you pay once and then have access to the app, plus upgrades as they come. So if you want a breathing monitor that doesn’t require a wearable device, you’ll want to thoughtfully consider the Miku Pro baby monitor.

What are baby monitors?

Video baby monitors are essential for parents looking to keep track of their sleeping babies when they’re not around. These monitors come equipped with a camera, so parents can watch their baby from the safety of a different room. In addition, this type of monitor typically transmits clear images and audio to a monitor or device, so parents can always get a good look at their baby.

Video baby monitors are beneficial for a variety of reasons. Not only do they allow parents to check in on their baby while they’re away, but these monitors can also provide comfort and peace of mind regarding knowing their baby is safe even at work. In addition, some monitors come equipped with two-way audio, so parents can talk back to their baby or even soothe them through the monitor.

Moreover, some video baby monitors offer the convenience of remote viewing, so parents can check in on their baby while on the go with an app on their phone. This is a great way to ensure parents can keep an eye on their baby no matter where they are.

Overall, video baby monitors are an excellent tool for parents to keep their babies safe. They provide convenience and peace of mind for both parents and baby, helping them to stay connected even when apart. With so many options on the market, parents can find a monitor that best fits their needs and budget.


As technology advances, selecting the best baby monitor has become increasingly difficult to decipher. The five baby monitors mentioned above are a great starting point for parents in 2023, as each offers some of the best features on the market. Eufy SpaceView Pro is an excellent choice for parents, as it is a sensible monitor with many impressive features. Infant Optics DXR-8 PRO is perfect for those seeking an all-in-one monitor for their baby’s safety.

The Miku Pro is the ideal monitor for tech-savvy parents, with its array of features, but at a higher price than the previous two. Lastly, the VTech VM818HD and Nanit Pro Smart are fantastic options with many valuable features. Considering the range of features, affordability, and quality of the five chosen baby monitors, any parent will find one that meets their needs in 2023.

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