about Me

Thanks for wanting to get to know me a little bit. I’ll share a little of my story and how I got to publishing this blog. If you wanna keep up with me please follow me on social media. I’m on most platforms as @christopherwalkerpro

Amanda and me in Beaver’s Bend State Park in Oklahoma, in January 2023.

Solving problems is what I do. Serving people is who I am. I believe that investing in other people is the greatest way to help others reach their full potential and create a legacy to pass on to the next generation.

My personal mission is to glorify God by living daily in such a way that encourages, serves and shows love to others.

My professional mission to helping people (primarily men) to daily find purpose through mentorship, coaching, and education so they can reach their full potential. I help connect people with products, services, and educational resources that have impacted my life.

I grew up in a family of entrepreneurs. Multiple generations of starting, building and managing small businesses….so it’s in my blood. I’ve always been curious about being able to travel and work remotely…watching a few friends and people I follow online who have set-off on grand adventures while bringing their kids (and work) along with them. Part of my journey to this point of my life is the longing to see more of the world….to let my family experience different cultures….and the desire to be my own boss. I want to create a legacy for my family that is built on honesty, integrity, creativity, and hardworking servant leadership.

I graduated high school from a small, private school in rural, north Louisiana and went to college in Arkansas to play football and study journalism. After a career-ending knee injury during spring practice of my first year in college, I transferred to a larger, public university closer to my hometown and switched majors to education, so I could focus on becoming a football coach. For 10 years, I taught high school math and coached high school football and track & field in both Louisiana and a couple of years in southern Africa. I loved the opportunities that coaching & teaching gave me to encourage and mentor students. But I could sense a restlessness in my spirit that there was more….

While on a mission trip to Mozambique, the Lord asked me to follow Him in a calling to go to seminary to prepare me for a ministry position either a missionary, or a pastor. It was a difficult decision, but I stepped away from coaching & teaching to pursue my Master’s degree at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.

At the age of 29, I was re-introduced to my now wife, Amanda….we had actually gone to school together in the 5th & 6th grade. We hadn’t really been close friends back then, and hadn’t seen each other in almost 20 years…. we joke that back then the Lord knew we weren’t ready to be friends yet, and mercifully kept us apart until we were mature enough to be together….ha! But at the perfect time, we reconnected….and after a short time of dating and engagement, we married in January 2010, in a beautiful ceremony at Amanda’s home church surrounded by family and friends.

With a seminary degree completed, I followed the Lord’s leading to begin serving as a college minister at a local church in Ruston, LA. It was such a joy and privilege to invest in hundreds of students over 11+ years as a college & missions pastor. Amanda & I loved serving side-by-side, and learned many leadership lessons thru leading & mentoring a growing group of students over more than a decade.

During this 11-year season, both Amanda and I completed other degrees – Amanda completed a Master’s degree, along with a Doctorate degree in educational and organizational leadership, while I completed a second Master’s degree. We also began to grow our family with the birth of three beautiful, healthy babies (2 girls and a boy) over the next 5 years. The Lord has definitely blessed us!

I’ve come to this place in my life, where I’m ready to launch out on my own by starting my own business, become self-employed, and this blog is a way to help do that. I’ve stepped away from my position at the local church, and have gone “all-in” to helping others through consulting, coaching, and marketing. I’m passionate about physical development (I’m on a journey to get my body in the best shape of my life after many years of neglect and poor choices with my nutrition and exercise), personal development, professional development, and parenting/family/marriage coaching. Occasionally I will write on technology or new business opportunities as I learn about them.

This blog exists as an outlet to provide resources for others and help them connect with products and services that have helped me. I want to see you reach your full potential. I’d love to help people become the person they’ve always dreamed about. Whether you’re an up-and-coming leader looking for advice, or a parent looking for encouragement, or maybe someone wanting to earn a little extra “side-income”, hopefully this blog will provide value to you as I share information and ideas and suggestions on a variety of topics.

Our family on Thanksgiving Day 2022.