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Leaning on 20+ years of leadership experience in athletics, coaching, teaching and ministry, I love serving people by helping them solve problems related to leadership, physical development, personal development, and professional development. I write articles related to these fields and help connect people with products and services that I am passionate about and have personal experience with.


Productivity measures how efficiently an organization or its employees convert inputs, like labor and capital, into outputs, like goods or services. We should use goals, incentives, development, and communication strategies to improve performance and help increase productivity. This section will include tips and advice on being more productive at home and the workplace.

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Jeff Lerner’s book, “Unlock Your Potential,” is an engaging, motivational, and resourceful read. Jeff’s work as a life strategist and resilience coach shines through his personal and relatable writing style. He provides clear ideas for reclaiming our power, broken down into easy-to-digest content. In addition, he offers thought-provoking and practical exercises to help his readers gain the clarity and direction they need to live an empowered life. This book is a valuable asset to anyone looking to break through their comfort zone and uncover their fullest potential. Highly recommend it to anyone looking for inspiration and tools to help unlock personal growth.